Course Descriptions:

Drugs and Dentistry: New Issues & New Solutions
9:00am-12:00pm (3 CEUs)
Karen Baker MS, BS
Audience: ALL

Increasing numbers of dental patients are uncontrolled hypertensives or have diabetes with complex oral health problems. Many new cardiovascular, central nervous system, and endocrine drugs can interact with dental drugs or affect bleeding or wound healing. Patient self-medication with supplements and over-the-counter drugs has recently been recognized as potentially risky in dentistry. Consequently, more and more patients report chemical and drug allergies and intolerances. Dental professionals are frequently faced with medically complex and chemically challenged patients and need practical strategies for providing safe and appropriate care. Drug and supplement references including PDA and Blackberry programs will be compared and recommendations about clinical usefulness will be discussed. Controversial issues related to the new AHA SBE prophylaxis guidelines, dietary supplement dangers, and dental drug interactions will be presented. Throughout the program, primary emphasis will be placed on developing consistent strategies for treating medically complex dental patients. An extensive and very current handout will greatly enhance the chairside value of this fast-paced, comprehensive and practical course.

Learning Objectives:
• Recognize the specific dental treatment modifications necessary to prevent complications in patients with major cardiovascular or central nervous system disorders;
• Prescribe and explain antibiotic pre-medication based on new or updated guidelines;
• Modify dental treatment for patients on new chronic medications for diabetes, asthma, gastroesophogeal reflux disease (GERD), and rheumatoid arthritis; and
• Identify the chronic medications or dietary supplements likely to precipitate major interactions dental antibiotics, analgesics, local anesthetics, and oral or parenteral anesthesia agents.

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What Should We Know About Maxillary Anterior Teeth vs. Implants
9:00am-4:30pm (6 CEUs)
Hessam Nowzari DDS, PhD
Audience: ALL

During this course, surgical modalities aimed at enhancing and harmonizing tissue structures in the anterior maxilla will be presented that include bone structure enhancement and soft tissue enhancement.
The purpose of this course is to provide scholarly insight into implant dentistry in the anterior part of the maxilla. At this presentation, different aspects of dental implantology will be objectively evaluated, appreciated and criticized. This course is based on objective interpretation of available data in order to provide a forum for academic discussion.

Learning Objectives:
• Peri-implant turnover vs. Alveolar turnover;
• Tissue enhancement and tooth preservation;
• Immunological characteristics of crevicular fluids around clinically healthy teeth vs. implants; and
• Decision making: an evidence-based and decision-analysis approach.

The Impact of Alternative Medicine on Clinical Dentistry: Complimentary or Conflicting?
1:30pm-4:30pm (3 CEUs)
Karen Baker MS, BS
Audience: ALL

Are you recording medication histories that include resveratrol, saw palmetto, probiotics, gingko biloba, fish oil, Echinacea, or St. John`s Wort? Do your patients ask you to recommend only "natural" oral health products? The resurgence of herbal medicine has produced confusion and conflict among health care providers and patients alike. Patients mistakenly equate the terms "natural" and "standardized" with safe and effective. Many patients have embraced nontraditional medicine as a way to become "co-therapists" in their disease state management. Dental professionals must avoid making negative generalizations about alternative therapies in order to stay involved in the therapeutic decision-making process. During this program, we will discuss the herbal landscape which includes laws and regulations as well as the qualifications of naturopaths and herbalists. A list of reliable science-based references will be included to provide ongoing clinical support for rational decisions related to herbal products. The twenty most popular systemic herbs will be evaluated for dental impact including effect on bleeding, wound healing, intra-oral effects, and interactions with dental drugs. We will also take a detailed look at herbal products promoted for treatment of oral diseases including gingivitis, periodontitis, aphthous stomatitis, and herpes simplex gingivostomatitis. Agents such as Coenzyme Q-10, aloe vera, green tea extract, natural essential oils, melaleuca, and propolis will be critiqued for safety and effectiveness in the treatment of oral disease.

Learning Objectives:
• Buy and use a science-based herbal reference and recommend information sources for patients;
• Describe valid medical uses for the top twenty systemic herbal medications;
• Recognize the dental impact of common systemic herbal medications and dietary supplements;
• Select specific herbal oral health products with reasonable claims and safe ingredients; and
• Discuss the effectiveness of herbal therapies and dietary supplements on gingivitis and periodontitis.

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19th Century Ethics in a 21st Century World: Are Dental Ethics Still Relevant Today?
1:30pm-4:30pm (3 CEUs)
Gary Herman DDS
Audience: ALL

After a brief review of the history and development of professional ethics, this course will look at a number of current issues affecting dentistry and examine them through the perspective of the profession`s core ethical principles. An easy system to evaluate ethical concerns will be presented. Topics which may be covered include third party pressures, incorporating new technology, performing procedures outside the traditional scope of dentistry, and the rise of corporate dentistry.

Learning Objectives:
• Become familiar with the ethical principles of dentistry and their general application;
• Have an understanding of current trends in the practice of dentistry and how these ethical principles are being tested; and
• Have a system to identify potential ethical dilemmas and establish their own system of evaluating them to help develop appropriate ethical, professional decisions.

Case Presentation: A Team Approach
9:00am-12:00pm (3 CEUs)
Jo Ann Pulver
Audience: ALL

Patients "buy" from practitioners that they know, like, respect and trust. In addition, most people buy on emotion and confirm their decisions based on logic. Learn how to be the trusted leader that the patient desires to follow when it comes to solid, comprehensive treatment planning and patient compliance. The course will include the specific steps of the business systems and team communication necessary to do complete treatment planning while achieving greater case acceptance with patients overall. Attendees will acquire the skills necessary to create greater value and "buy in" through the use of the motivational process and learning to handle patient objections successfully.

Learning Objectives:
• To understand the 3 stages of communication and the concept of "relationship selling";
• To conduct appropriate interviewing techniques to create a better connection with patients;
• Prevent communication mishaps resulting in loss of treatment completion and practice revenue;
• Make care presentations more interesting and valuable to patients to enhance treatment acceptance;
• Handle patient concerns with confidence with 5 key techniques;
• Enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication skills to create sincere and meaningful communication with patients and team members.
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Managing the Dissatisfied Patient: How to Avoid Lemons, or, if not, How to Make Lemonade
9:00am-12:00pm (3 CEUs)
Gary Herman DDS
Audience: ALL

All practices, will, at some time, have patients who believe their needs have not been met. How we identify and choose to address these patients` concerns can lead to dramatically different outcomes, ranging from creating a happy, referring patient to creating a lawsuit. This course will look at the causes of dissatisfaction and will discuss a number of steps that can be undertaken to decrease a dentist`s risk of a negative outcome. Both preventative measures and actions after discovering the dissatisfaction will be discussed, including how to deal with patients and social media.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the communication techniques useful in identifying patient concerns and addressing those concerns;
• Be aware of all of the potential risks associated with an unhappy patient; and
• Develop a specific protocol for their office to minimize the damage that an unhappy patient can cause.

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10:00am-1:00pm Arizona Dental Foundation Annual Meeting
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1:30-4:30pm •Baker, The Impact of Alternative Medicine on Clinical Dentistry
•Nowzari, Maxillary Anterior Teeth vs. Implants (cont from AM)
•Herman, 19th Century Ethics in a 21st Century World
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