Restoring the Endodontically Treated Tooth….an Endodontist`s Perspective

Traditional endodontic preparation design is driven mainly by the requirements of the endodontic procedure. These include considerations for the instruments used, irrigation needs and obturation techniques. Much of the focus of the design discussion is on the apical third of the preparation and restorative considerations tend to be minimized. This lecture will add to the design discussion the principal of conservation of pericervical dentine, which is critical for long- term restorative success. This lecture will set the understanding for modifying endodontic preparation design based on balancing the endodontic and the restorative considerations of the case. Additionally, the indications for posts and cuspal coverage will be discussed in depth as well as a frank conversation about the ferrule and its importance. It will refine the participant`s mental model of tooth anatomy and the subsequent endodontic preparation as well as the ensuing restoration from an endodontic perspective.

Furthermore, there will be an additional segment highlighting recent advances in endodontic microbiology with subsequent clinical applications and possible implications to dentin preservation.

At conclusion, participants should be able to:
• Describe the objective of quality endodontic access preparation, including conservation of pericervical dentine.
• Discuss the anatomical considerations for modern access preparations and subsequent restorations of the endodontically treated tooth.
• Discuss the role of posts, cuspal coverage and ferrules in restoring the endodontically treated tooth.
• Discuss the role of irrigants, medicaments and antibiotics and their potential impact on the tooth`s prognosis.

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Speaker: Dr. James Wolcott

Dr. James Wolcott, DDS

Dr. Wolcott grew up in Albuquerque before leaving to pursue his D.D.S. from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1992. He completed a General Practice Residency at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in 1995 and pursued advanced training in endodontics at Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he received his Certificate in Endodontics in 1998. He spent 13 years as a partner at an endodontic practice in Colorado Springs before opening Endodontics of New Mexico in 2012 which remains his primary practice. Just recently, concurrent with his son enrolling at Brophy College Preparatory School, he accepted a position at Phoenix Endodontic Group working alongside Dr. Jacque Allen part time. Dr. Wolcott`s professional affiliations include his current teaching appointment as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Colorado School of Dentistry, and Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics. An active member of the American Association of Endodontists, Dr. Wolcott served on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Endodontics as well as on the Association`s Board of Directors. Dr. Wolcott has authored numerous peer reviewed articles and textbook chapters.