The Wonderful World of Special Care:

The Wonderful World of Special Care is an interactive course that puts the learner in the shoes of many of our patients. This course contains simulations that leave the learners with a newly formed empathy for our patient's struggles in the dental office. Step out of your world and into ours as you engage and feel. Sit in the "Splash Zone" for a particularly interactive experience. Dr. Brooke will review the basics of few common disabilities and give some case examples. She will do a "Show and Tell" highlighting various specialized instruments and equipment.

Learning Objectives:
* The learner will have a better understanding of what it feels like to be visually impaired in the dental office through simulation.
* The learner will practice non-verbal communication.
* The learner will witness the difference that visual aids make when communicating with someone who has difficulty hearing.
* The learner will learn how to alter the environment to influence behavior.
* The learner will understand resources for review of medical complexities.
* The learner will be exposed to various specialized equipment to make it easier to treat patients who have disabilities.

Brooke Fukuoka

Brooke Fukuoka, DMD, FSCD

Dr. Brooke is a passionate speaker whose primary focus is improving oral health for patients who have special healthcare needs and geriatric patients who live in long-term care. She has practiced in a diverse array of settings and has built programs to help expand access to care for her patients. In her part-time private practice, Your Special Smiles PLLC, she practices portable dentistry, interdisciplinary hospital dentistry, teledentistry has developed a professionally aided home hygiene program in two long-term care facilities. She also works full time at a Federally Qualified Health Center, Family Health Services of Idaho where she runs their Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic for patients who have special healthcare needs. She is active in organized dentistry and enjoys working with diverse groups of people. Her high-energy and fast-paced courses can be catered to any group regardless of size or education level. Her courses encourage participation and often contain simulation activities. She strives to create a fun, yet educational interactive environment where learners gain knowledge and experiences that they can immediately implement in their practice.