Airway Centric Dentistry: The Breathing Machine:

By the time patients present with functional or aesthetic airway disorders, it's likely they have been living with anatomic and habitual causes of disordered breathing for years-
even decades.

In this case-based, content rich presentation, Kathleen Carson, DDS reveals the significant connections between craniofacial development and lifelong airway/systemic health and development. Learn simple steps to add to your exams that identify possible airway structural or functional concerns. Develop a plan for determining your practice's optimal mix of treatments. Special emphasis will be given to the treatments and interventions dental professionals can offer patients who present with airway challenges in every stage of life.

Learning Objectives:

* Recognize the differences between normal and abnormal orofacial structures
* Understand the benefits of early intervention in pediatric patients
* Learn methods for improving structural and functional challenges to developing better airways, airflow, proper breathing techniques, and oxygen utilization
* Explore modalities - such as myofunctional therapy, oral appliance therapy, and jaw development orthodontics - that improve case success and profitability
* Discover how to provide optimal patient care through building a collaborative team of healthcare professionals
* Learn how to enroll your team and incorporate airway centric dentistry into your practice
* Recognize signs of airway disorders and gain skills for comfortably engaging patients regarding their signs and symptoms.
* Explore tips and tools for helping patients understand their responsibility in achieving optimal outcome
* Identify how to enhance patient exams leading to additional treatment possibilities,
increased revenue and better outcomes

Kathleen Carson

Kathleen Carson, DDS

Committed to advancing healthcare professionals’ perception of airway centric dentistry, Kathleen Carson, DDS's dynamic, engaging, and influential programs offer a more complete approach to care and better patient experiences. Kathleen’s inspiration comes from her personal history when she was a young mother and unknowingly dealing with a child with a significantly compromised airway. Since that time, over 15 years ago, she has dedicated a large portion of her education and personal growth to the importance of airway, proper breathing, and oxygen delivery. She has successfully developed ways to contribute to her patients’ overall health and improving the clinical results of her dental services, as well. Dr. Carson graduated cum Laude from the UCLA School of Dentistry and served a general practice residency with the Veterans Administration in Sepulveda. She earned her fellowship in neuromuscular / physiolgic dentistry as well as in Buteyko Breathing. She serves on the board of the AAPMD (American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry) and is a clinical advisor for Vivos Therapeutics. For nearly 20 years, Kathleen and her team have focused on a comprehensive care model utilizing a variety of integrative modalities to improve overall health and well-being of patients.