The Great Resignation & Rehiring:

The pandemic's impact on the workforce was significant and created a supply demand imbalance which forced many practices to consider new and innovative models to operate. This session will discuss why the rebuilding of the talent pool after the pandemic has been so complex, societal expectations of the next workforce generation and the business case for helping team members find purpose in their work. This session will also discuss the opportunities and considerations of a hybrid team, the rise of the gig economy, and how a practice can unlock the promise of this model to become more competitive in the future. Lastly, this session will discuss the technology renaissance happening in dentistry, the role of automation and how upskilling will be critical to ensure dentistry's workforce is ready for the future.

Learning Objectives:

* Discuss how and why staffing has changed since the pandemic and what it will take to manage and lead the next workforce generation
* Understand the value proposition of a hybrid model, practical tips to integrating it into an office, and how it can position practices to become more competitive in the future.
* Discuss the implications of automation and developments in technology and why it matters to your practice.

Christine Sison

Christine Sison

Christine Sison is the CEO of Swiss Monkey, a staffing and virtual front office services company. She has built and has managed a dental practice for over 10 years and has her Bachelor of Neurobiology from UC Berkeley and a Master of Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health. Prior to her work in dentistry, she conducted brain tumor research at UCSF, assisted in the integration of IT into clinics and hospitals, and later led the development of community-wide healthcare systems, including telemedicine efforts.